Music Interview with Madisyn Whajne

Music Interview with Madisyn Whajne

In the James song ‘Born Of Frustration’, Tim Booth sings, “Show me the movie of who you are and where you're from”. If singer / songwriter Madisyn Whajne could have a movie of who she is and where she has come from it would be unmissable. 

Her debut album “Save Our Hearts” is an indie pop delight, not so much born from frustration but from a struggle to unveil the truth about her past and who she is. Without any record company advance to allow her to release her music. Much of this album sat in wait needing an opportunity to come along…and come along it did!

Madisyn’s story is beyond amazing. She grew up knowing that she was adopted and that she had been born Native American but only in the last few years did she really discover who she was and her real heritage. She had been part of Canada’s Sixties Scoop which saw over 20,000 aboriginal children taken from their parents and rehoused.

When the government was finally held accountable and a large payout to all those who had been affected was handed out, Madisyn finally had the money to finish her album and deliver it to the world. 

Talking to Madisyn there are 100 other stories she can tell you about her life, each as amazing as the last and some of these truths seap their way out of her head and into the music she writes. 

In this interview Graham Coath catches up with this remarkable woman and finds out how music really has played a major part in allowing her to find herself. 

Watch our interview with Madisyn here.

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