The Best Christmas Gift Idea for Your Employees and Clients

The Best Christmas Gift Idea for Your Employees and Clients

Have you been thinking about what to get your team at work for Christmas this year?

Of course, you can leave it to someone in the office to organise a whip round, followed by a name out of the hat selection process and go the Secret Santa route. This normally results in someone getting the lame duck of a present and sulking off into the corner for the next day or two.

Of course everyone loves a good bottle of Prosecco or luxury Belgian chocolates at Christmas, even though they will probably pass them off as gifts to someone they have forgotten to buy for.

Even if the food and drink does go down well, is it actually something that is going to have a lasting impact and is this an opportunity to show your people that their health and wellbeing is something you actually care about?

So why not try something different this year.

Everyone loves their work toys. The phones, the iPad, the laptop! But do they love the fatigue and potentially life changing physical conditions that can come from over use?

The answer is NO!

So then, why not give them more of what they really love! This time designed to enable them to work with all their favourite things in a safer, more productive way!

If we really care for the wellbeing of our team and don't just see them as ‘staff', then providing the Christmas gift of ‘Ergonomic gadgets!’ Will have a long term impact on their health.

Nexstand have everything your team of elves could ever want. From phone/tablet holders which fold away easily for pocket storage to laptop stands and full remote working kits!

The laptop stands even come complete with their own little Christmas like stockings for transportation.

You might even consider slipping in a card with your gift set. Providing everyone with a New Year’s treat of a ‘ready to work MOT’ - otherwise known as a workplace assessment.

By providing both the tools and the education you will ensure that your team will be ready to go for 2022!

Maybe a year's gym membership to encourage your team members into some exercise which can also help with mental health?

A subscription to a healthy eating supplier to help them find a way to eat well?

One of our WaterWell bottles to encourage them not to use single use plastic bottles in the office?

Nichola Adams, MSc Health Ergonomics, Director Inspired Ergonomics Ltd writes:

"As a company providing ergonomic consultancy services to a wide range of companies, we have been witnessing a huge increase in the number of musculoskeletal issues being experienced when working from home.
The majority of employees are being provided with a laptop and occasionally a mouse, and then expected to then just plug in and go.As a result, they are reporting shoulder, neck and lower back pain. Some may then raise the laptop, in an attempt to relieve discomfort, but continue to use the integrated keyboard.
This results in poor wrist postures and elevated shoulders, increasing their risk of pain and discomfort, as well as headaches.Simply raising the laptop and using a SEPARATE keyboard and mouse saves a whole world of pain.
So, yes, I believe that it is critical to include some ergonomic education within the onboarding pack, as well as the extra ergonomic accessories to use the laptop safely. At the very least, an advisory leaflet would be sensible, or perhaps a voucher for an assessment.
This is not only in the wellbeing interests of the employee, but helps the business to comply with the HSE DSE 1992 ACT (for both home and office workers)."

So think about a change to the chocolates no one really wants this Christmas and use this opportunity to reinforce a positive company culture which encourages health and wellbeing and can have positive benefits for productivity.

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