Setting Up Your Nexstand K2 Laptop Stand

Step 1: Open and Setup

To set up the NEXSTAND K2, grab the feet and pull apart until they stop.

Open and close Nexstand K2

For ultra-thin laptops, insert the spacers into the pivot grips.


Place the K2 on the desk with the pivot grips facing you.

Take your laptop and open it up. Place the laptop into the pivot grips and rotate back.

Place laptop in the stand

Step 2: Adjust

To adjust the height of the NEXSTAND K2, squeeze the position levers and adjust to the desired height.

Adjust the height

To ensure the K2 is ergonomically suited to you, adjust the height of the laptop stand so that the top of the screen is at eye-level.

Place laptop in the stand

Step 3: Close

To remove your laptop from the stand, tip your laptop vertical and lift up.


To close the NEXSTAND K2, press your thumbs against the front of the rotating legs until they click past their highest catch. Then grab the feet and push them together.

Open and close Nexstand K2
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