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Promote Good Posture for Healthy Laptop Usage With Nexstand's Portable Laptop Stand

Rated #1 Best Laptop Stand of 2020 - 

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🗸 8 different height adjustment options 
🗸 Supports all laptops and MacBooks 10 inches or larger
🗸 Quick and easy to set up
🗸 Compact and lightweight at 234 grams. 

Are your children hunching over their laptop? Did you know that this can cause health problems such as a stiff neck, back pain and headaches. Nexstand helps to create a comfortable workstation for studying by raising your child's laptop screen to eye-level. 

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Say goodbye to aches and pains from laptop use. See how the Nexstand™ K2 portable laptop stand can improve your work life using a laptop.

Stop The Hunch! Eliminate Laptop Aches & Pains Today.

Improve Your Posture and Productivity 

Spending all day staring at your laptop can cause back aches, neck pain and eye strain.

With 8 different height adjustment options, the K2 portable laptop stand raises your laptop screen from 15cm to 30cm off the desk to eye-level. This will give you a good ergonomic posture so you work comfortably and focus on the work at hand.

Correct Your Posture Now And Avoid Serious Injury.

Ideal For Students

If you want a stand to use both at home and school, look no further. You can set up or fold away the K2 in about a second. 

Its compact design takes up very little space in your bag and it only weighs 234 grams. Plus, its sleek and minimal design will surely suit whatever workplace you’re working in.

Students Love The Nexstand™ K2. We're Confident You Will Too. Join Our NEX-Level Communtity.

High Strength and Weight Capacity

Made of glass fiber reinforced nylon, the K2 is extremely strong and sturdy. It can hold up to 9kg despite its small size. You can have peace of mind knowing that your laptop will be safe and secure.

Nexstand K2 Adjustable Laptop Stand Folded

We offer a 1 year warranty against any defects in material, so should you have any problems we’ll replace your stand, no questions asked.

Fits All Laptops and MacBooks 

The K2 portable laptop stand has self-adapting pivot grips that hold all laptops and MacBooks 10 inches or larger and with a front edge less than 2.2cm. 

For ultra-thin laptops, we’ve included some spacers that you simply insert into the grips. Whatever laptop you have, the K2 ensures maximum stability so there’s no risk of it sliding out.

Keep Your Laptop Cool

With minimal contact on your laptop you’ll have good airflow underneath. This will keep your laptop from getting too hot.

Nexstand K2 Adjustable Laptop Stand Folded

Protecting your laptop from overheating prevents damage and will keep your laptop alive and well for longer.   

Customers Love The Nexstand™ K2

We think you'll love the Nexstand™ K2, but don't just take our word for it. Hear why these happy workers love their portable laptop stand.

Specifications & Package

Nexstand K2 Adjustable Laptop Stand Folded

Package Includes:
K2 Portable Laptop Stand
Nylon Carrying Sleeve
2x Spacers
Kraft Paper Box
User Manual

Size Folded-up:

Size Open:
300mm*278mm*160mm (Lowest)
265mm*250mm*259mm (Highest)

234 grams