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Everyone has a different body, a different laptop, and a different desk setup. The K2 instantly changes your laptop into an ergonomic desktop workstation.

Height Adjustable

Ergonomic & Height Adjustable

8 different height adjustment options elevating your screen from 15cm to 30cm off the desk to eye-level.

Lightweight & Portable

Lightweight & Portable

At just 234g the K2 is ideal for remote working. Work from home or work while travelling.

Compact & Foldable

Compact & Foldable

The K2 takes up very little space when closed. It measures 35.5cm by 3.8cm by 3.8cm when it is folded.

High Strength

High Strength

The K2 is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon and can support up to 9kg (2 to 6 times the weight of a traditional latop or MacBook) despite its small size.

Universal Compatability

Universal Compatability

The Nexstand™ K2 laptop stand supports all mainstream laptops and MacBook models 10 inches or larger and with a front edge of less than 2.2cm.

Quick & Easy To Use

Quick & Easy To Use

Intuitive design makes the stand simple to operate. One easy and quick action opens and closes the stand.

Discover the Benefits

Improve Your Posture and Productivity
Correct Your Posture

Correct Your Posture

Prolonged use of a laptop in uncomfortable posture may give rise to severe problems, including back ache, neck pain, and eye problems. The broad range of height adjustability offered by the K2 can help alleviate all these woes allowing you to achieve a good ergonomic posture.

360° Natural Air Flow Cooling
360° Natural Air Flow Cooling

360° Natural Air Flow Cooling

With minimal contact on your laptop, the K2 ensures sufficient airflow and heat reduction. Keeping air circulating on the bottom of your laptop will help keep it from getting too hot. This will protect your computer's internal componenets and also your body from potential burns.

Double Productivity with Dual Screen
Double Productivity

Double Productivity

No need to buy another screen. Hook up your laptop to an external monitor at the office or at home for a dual-screen setup. With the K2 you can equalise your laptop's elevation preventing eye strain and neck pain, making multitasking easier.


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The K2 is our original and flagship laptop stand with 8 different height adjustment settings.

The K7 was launched in 2019 as a lite version of the K2. The K7 is a laptop riser so it is not height adjustable like the K2. However the K7 is slightly more compact and lighter than the K2.

Package & Specifications

Elevates laptop screen 5.5” to 12.6” above tabletop.

The K2 fits all laptops with a front edge of less than 2cm and keyboard width greater than 27.5cm.

✓ Laptops 10.11-inch up to 18.4-inch
✓ MacBook Pro 13.3" with Retina 
✓ MacBook Air 13.3"
✓ MacBook Pro 13.3"
✓ MacBook Pro 15.4" with Retina 
✓ MacBook Pro 15.4"
✓ The New MacBook 12"
✓ MacBook Air 11-inch

The K2 fits all laptops with a front edge of less than 2cm

Folded-up: 35.4cm*4cm*4cm

Open: 300mm*278mm*160mm (Lowest)
265mm*250mm*259mm (Highest)

  • 1x K2-Laptop Stand
  • 1x BASE12 Bluetooth Keyboard (UK keyboard Layout)
  • 1x BASE12 Wireless Mouse
  • 1x Neoprene Waterproof Carrying Case
  • 1x Nylon Carrying Sleeve
  • 1x Kraft Paper Box
  • 2x Spacers
  • 1x Manual

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