Nossos Parceiros

Our partners are a variety of digital and physical businesses, such as ergonomists, bloggers, influencers, co-working spaces, online communities, tech companies, magazines, podcasts, and many more! If you don’t fit any of the categories above, but think you’re a good fit to promote Nexstand, please keep reading!

We provide materials to help you with the promotion, including a product overview, logos, photos, and a price widget, which can easily be embedded on any website.

To become our partner, you can either join the affiliate program or contact us.

  • Inspired Ergonomics provide consultancy services to leading UK and International companies on how to reduce and prevent back pain in the workplace.

  • James from Posture Stars has over 15 years experience helping people overcome their pain and posture problems.

  • That Remote Life can teach you how to launch a successful location independent business, quit the cubicle, and live life on your terms!

  • Freelancer Magazine is dedicated to helping you grow your freelance business.

  • Space Your Place helps your company adopt hybrid office solutions in a productive, safe and cost-efficient way.

  • Tailored home ergonomic assessments & affordable ergonomic equipment at

  • SafetyWing provides global travel medical insurance that covers people from all over the world, while outside their home country.

  • Happy Work Studio create a flexible and happy work culture in companies by leveraging their expertise in remote work and culture redesign.

  • We hunt the best Airbnb dealsfordigital nomadsandtravelling remote workers. So you don't have to. You can get them ALL with the Monthly RemoteBase Newsletter.